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Convert your TXT files to PDF effortlessly with our online and free tool.

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Hot to Convert TXT to PDF?

Experience the convenience of our free online TXT to PDF converter! Effortlessly transform your TXT documents into PDF format in a matter of seconds. Whether your TXT files contain tables, lists, formulas, or stylized text, our converter will preserve all the details and recreate them in the resulting PDF file.

Why Convert From Text to PDF?

TXT formats are great for collaboration and making changes to content, while PDF formats provide an excellent way to protect your documents from modifications. Sometimes, you need the best of both worlds. You may have an editable TXT document that you want to transform into an immutable PDF file, such as a contract or important financial data.

Convert TXT File To PDF Online

Converting your TXT file to PDF is a breeze. Just drag and drop your TXT file into the upload field, customize the conversion options to your liking, click 'Convert', and voila! Get ready to have your PDF ready in just seconds! You won't even notice the difference as it preserves the content, structure, and style from your original TXT document.

Our free TXT to PDF Converter is powered by TopyTools software products, renowned worldwide for their high-speed and professional-quality processing of TXT and PDF files.

Experience the convenience and reliability of converting TXT to PDF online with our easy-to-use converter today!

How To Convert TXT to PDF With Just a Few Simple Steps:

  1. Get started by uploading your TXT files to our online converter tool..
  2. Simply click the captivating "Convert To PDF" button and behold the magic unfold before your eyes!
  3. Download your converted files in PDF format for easy viewing.


How many TXT files can be converted to PDF at once?

Enjoy the convenience of converting multiple TXT files simultaneously, with a limit of up to 10 files!

What is the maximum allowed size for each TXT file?

Each TXT file should not exceed 5 MB in size.

What are the available options to receive the PDF results?

After completing the TXT to PDF conversion, a download link will be provided. You can choose to immediately download the result or have the link sent to your email for later access.

How long will my files be stored on your servers?

You can rest assured that your files are safely stored on TopyTools servers for a full 24 hours, ensuring their security and availability. Once this time has passed, they are automatically deleted for added security.

Can I trust the safety and security of my files?

At TopyTools, we prioritize the security and protection of user data. Rest assured, your precious files are securely stored on our servers, shielded from unauthorized access.

Why does the TXT to PDF conversion take longer than expected for larger files?

Converting large TXT files to PDF format requires additional time due to the transcoding and recompression involved in the process.