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About Twitter Cards

Today, Facebook and Twitter dominate the social media landscape as the top platforms. Many businesses leverage these platforms to advertise their products and services. Twitter gained popularity by allowing users to send short burst messages (tweets) to the world, hoping for engagement and responses. Initially, tweets were limited to 140 characters. People started following messages based on their interests, as well as messages from their favorite celebrities, athletes, and politicians.

In recent times, the world witnessed former US President Donald Trump's addiction to broadcasting his views on Twitter, with some of his tweets causing controversy and criticism.

Twitter has become a popular tool for individuals to express their views on various topics. By imposing a character limitation, users are motivated to craft engaging and impactful messages that are both concise and meaningful. Furthermore, its free broadcasting and receiving nature have contributed to its massive popularity. While most people use Twitter for recreational purposes, some individuals publish helpful and informative content.

Twitter Cards

Twitter cards have gained popularity for business promotion, job vacancies, hobby sharing, and e-commerce. The introduction of analytics for Twitter cards allows users to enhance tweets with images, videos, and product descriptions. With increased viewer response rates, e-commerce businesses can effectively showcase their top-selling products. The shift towards advertising on social media platforms, driven by smartphones and changing dynamics, has made it crucial for businesses to have a strong online presence. Customers now rely on social media ads with positive reviews and attractive pricing, while traditional advertising mediums hold less appeal. Furthermore, advertising on social media is cost-effective compared to other media channels.

Different Types of Twitter Cards

Twitter offers four diverse types of Twitter cards aimed at driving customer engagement to your website. The fundamental Twitter card categories are:

  • Summary Card: Includes a title, description, and thumbnail.
  • Summary Card with Large Image: Features a title, description, and a prominently displayed image.
  • App Card: Provides a direct download link for a mobile application.
  • Player Card: Allows for sharing audio and video media.

Getting started with Twitter cards is incredibly simple and quick. Creating and implementing a card, including the approval process for player cards, should take no more than 15 minutes. This means that in just a short time, sellers can run effective product ads on Twitter, a platform with millions of active members.

Expanding your business reach to such a vast audience with minimal effort is invaluable. That's why a growing number of businesses are utilizing Twitter cards to effectively promote their products.

How to Use a Twitter Card Generator

If you want to promote your business using Twitter cards, follow these two simple steps. First, generate the meta tags for your desired Twitter card. Once generated, insert the tags into your website's homepage and seek approval from Twitter. To easily generate Twitter card meta tags, you can either use HTML code or employ a Twitter card generator. Understanding the appropriate Twitter card image size is crucial.

To use a Twitter card generator, visit on your browser's search engine or copy/paste in the address bar. After filling in the required fields, brace yourself for the application's enchanting magic as it generates the necessary code for your website. Select the type of card you want and provide your website or username, a description, and your country. Copy and insert the generated code into your website to create a Twitter card. Conduct a Twitter card review and make any necessary changes to the code.

When generating Twitter card meta tags, exercise caution when including video tags. Ensure that the video display size complies with Twitter's specified limits.

Applying for Twitter Card Approval

After deciding to use Twitter cards, it is necessary to obtain approval from Twitter. To initiate the approval process, provide basic information about yourself and your website through a Twitter whitelist request. Once approved, Twitter will display the Twitter cards meta tags placed on your website.

You can now effectively market your business by using Twitter cards as a means of advertising. This user-friendly feature provides an additional avenue to promote your business and attract new customers.


If your site is on WordPress, you may encounter errors such as Twitter card image not showing in WordPress. In such cases, review your site's code and make the necessary corrections. If Twitter is not displaying pictures or if there is an issue with Twitter image loading, examine your code and rectify any errors. Twitter's introduction of Twitter cards has paved the way for new advertising opportunities.